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With the growing need for acoustic comfort in spaces, we can create a more comfortable acoustic environment and enhance the aesthetics of any given space. 

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Sound Absorbing

Better acoustics requires reducing these secondary sound paths with sound absorbing materials. Traditional products on the market today are far less effective in absorbing problem frequencies below 500 Hz, somewhat effective in the mid-range of 500 to 2,000 Hz, and more effective above 2,000 Hz where the least attenuation is needed. 


Snowsound acoustic panels are an ideal solution to reduce echoes in conference rooms, call centers, restaurants, hotels, houses of worship, classrooms, retail stores and movie theaters. 

Aesthetic & Design 

Conceived by world renowned architects and designers Michele De Lucci, Alberto Meda, Marc Sadler, Lorenzo Palmeri, and most recently Alessandro Mendini, Snowsound acoustic panels were designed with a commitment to creating a product that is as stylish as it is functional.


Architects and designers will appreciate the aesthetics, design and color choices with an acoustic solution they no longer need to hide. Project owners can easily position or mount one or a combination of these panels to suit their room acoustics.


With the ability to tilt and rotate, multiple FLAP panels can be arranged to form artistic patterns. The cover is firmly bonded to the polyester inner wadding to form a seamless panel, which is soft to the touch but difficult to tear or perforate. Snowsound 
acoustic panels are aesthetically pleasing with a smooth contour and tapered edges.


Available in several colors, free standing panels are unobtrusive and have a small footprint, while hanging and wall-mounted versions blend in with the room décor.

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