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Media Rooms

A casual entertaining space that not only serves as a place to watch movies/TV and listen to music, but also may be the Living Room, Family Room, etc.

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Quick Tips for High Performance Media Rooms
Quick Tip #1

Use high-quality in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, the quality keeps getting better with time and they are nearly invisible when installed and paint-matched correctly.

Quick Tip #2

You can hide a large flat screen behind motorized artwork to hide your media room's theater aspirations, and/or have a large retractable projection screen from seemingly out of nowhere.

The Ultimate Media Room

Imagine a room with a medium sized flat panel TV for casual daytime viewing. When evening movie time arrives, one simple button push on your remote control causes sleek, motorized blackout shades to descend as your lights dim. Your theater screen quietly lowers from its ceiling hiding place at the same time.


The screen is filled with bright, crystal clear images from your hidden projector, as music from the soundtrack envelops you, creating a complete motion picture experience. The ReelTime design team can help you create this ultimate media room experience in your home and help make your other home entertainment dreams come true!

Surround Speakers

Surround speakers can be positioned on side walls or the rear wall. In media rooms, location usually depends on architectural elements of the room such as windows and doorways. In an existing home, wiring for wall-mounted speakers is typically much less time consuming and invasive than for ceiling speakers. Sketch out your room for us and we can advise you on your best surround speaker options. Speaker possibilities may be dipole, bipole, or directional depending on your room and your seating.


Your subwoofer (the speaker providing deep bass effects) can sometimes be hidden in a cabinet. Two things you should remember are: the worst spot for a subwoofer is in the middle of your room, and the best place is close to a corner. Again, we can help you with placement options.


In many rooms, existing cabinets can be adapted to house components. However, it’s critical for your components’ life expectancy that they have adequate ventilation. Your amplifier or receiver will generate heat. The cable box, satellite box, or video game system will also radiate a substant amount of heat.


Drilling holes for passive ventilation is often not enough, so ReelTime will frequently install a ventilation system in the cabinet to exhaust hot air. A remote mounted, thermostat controlled fan is even better. We can mount one of these fans in your crawl space so you never hear the fan noise!

Control Everything

If no one knows how to turn the system on and select his or her options, it’s obvious that enjoyment will drop! A well-planned and programmed remote control makes all of the difference. Reliable system controls are available so you can conceal all your components and perfectly transmit signals to them. ReelTime offers a wide range of control options that are dependable and easy to use.

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